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Raising Funds for Breast, Ovarian and Cervical Cancers.


Thank you for visiting my fundraising site,please think about a small donation towards these wonderful charities, 50p? £1.00? £5.00? anything at all really does help, our fundraising is going extremely well but if we manage to add some online donations as well, that would be absolutely fantastic. Alison x

Training interrupted as bikes have been stolen!!

We were parked up in an Aire de Service in France and woke up on the second to last morning of our holidays to find both our bikes, as well as our Doggie Charriot, had disappeared. They were locked securely with two separate locks, which were also stolen!

Luckily, we are insured so hopefully the bikes will be replaced and the training can continue.

The idea at the moment is to get on the bike every single day before I leave which will mean 30 more rides before travelling down to Gatwick for the off.

Fundraising has also gone very well, just need a last push to get those pedals turning so I feel a little more confident for Cuba.

Massive thank you to Josh Metcalfe!!

Thank you so very much to Josh for the donation of an amazing £300 raised from the ladies only charity event he organised, which was held last Friday in aid of Breast, Cervical and Ovarian cancer.

I’m always overwhelmed by people’s generosity, but when Josh emailed me to say he would be donating to my just giving page on behalf of the charities I was gob smacked.

This is an amazing amount and thanks to Josh and his lovely ladies the money will go a long way in helping Breast Cancer Care, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and Ovarian Cancer Action.

Thank you! X

A big thank you to Maxine and Dave and customers of the New Leathern Bottle – £70!

I hope you get to see this, Maxine.

We will definitely be calling in the next time we are down your way in the van.

It was a fantastic gesture and so generous to decide to have a whip round in the pub only minutes after talking to Kev and finding out what we were doing and which three charities we were raising money for.

Your donation has gone to the Breast, Ovarian and Cervical Cancer charities via my Ride the Night 2015 page which is HERE

Thank you so much

Alison x

Women V Cancer – Ride the Night 2014


Travelling down to Windsor for the event was myself, my friend Julie and my daughter Laura.  Laura was extremely nervous about the ride as her total training miles were a grand total of 47 miles!

We took Julie’s advice and rang a fairly local pub which participated in a ‘Pub Stop’ scheme, the pub was called “The New Leathern Bottle” and was a really friendly welcoming place where it turned out the locals had a heart of gold!

We parked up and Kev and Laura disappeared to watch England play a pre World Cup game (needn’t have bothered, they are out now) Kev did what he normally does and started telling all who cared to listen about our forthcoming event and which charities we were raising funds for.

One of these listeners was a lovely lady called Maxine who is married to Chris and are due to be the new owners of the ‘New Leathern Bottle’ within the month.

Lovely Maxine took it upon herself to spread the word and have a whip round and soon presented Kev with an amazing £70!

What a brill start and we hadn’t yet turned a pedal.

We managed to park up at 11 am the following morning at the Windsor Race Course, 2 mins walk from the start line where we were due to set off at 9pm that evening.

In no time at all, we were registered and ready for the off, as 50 riders were setting off at a time with 1800 women participating, we didn’t actually set off till 9.50pm.

The event was amazing, we averaged about ten miles per hour and saw the sun set and sun rise, at one point Laura actually said that she was enjoying it!

It was lovely to ride with my Kenya cycle buddy Sue and her friend Janet, who both really helped Laura especially encouraging her up Richmond hill.

The volunteer ‘Ride Angels’ were there to help and definitely helped out when Julie’s chain snapped within half a mile of the finish!

We saw Kev at feed station 4 at about 4.15 am and the last ten miles seemed to fly as we knew we had done it!

A super event, raising £97,000 for three amazing charities.

Bag Pack – Memorial Gardens Worksop – – – – £201!!

For the first time, we decided to split the 4 hour bag packing into two 2 hour sessions.

Kev and Lou did the first 2 hours with Chris and myself taking over for the second shift.

All went really well with yet another good response from the lovely Asda customers.

A grand total of £201 was collected with £170 linked to Laura’s ‘WVC Ride the night‘ event which is linked to the three WVC Charites and the other £31 linked to my cycle Cuba event.

All totals will be updated as soon as the cash is banked and transferred to Women V Cancer.



Our second ‘biggish’ training ride plus bag packing on Saturday!

Well, so glad that is over, I now realise I have got to get those wheels turning more, 6 weeks before the 64 mile ‘Ride the Night’ event.

Got in, ran the bath and had a cuppa so feel better now.

Just got to get my daughter (Laura) on her bike.

Also got a small Asda bag pack on Saturday so will update later on.

No pictures to go with the ride as hubby forgot it!

39.2 miles averaging just over 11 mph


Grand Total Update!! £4568

Raised £4568.86

Still got a few more bag packs to do but need to now get those pedals turning!!

Asda bag pack back in my home town of Ollerton – £257!!

Me and Kev took our bag packing duet to Asda at Ollerton.

As we got stuck in, I was surprised at how many people I knew who I hadn’t seen for ages, all the wonderful customers were really supportive and welcoming, it felt like home.

I was also surprised to see my lovely Auntie Alice doing her shopping and flirting away with Kev at the tender age of 88!

Again, the time flew and we even had a welcoming cup of tea bought to us as we continued filling the bags.

The store and the lovely customers really made the work feel effortless, thank you so much!

Next bag pack stop, yet another Asda in Worksop!

The Big Red Ride 2014

I thought I would record my latest ride which was completed in constant rain/drizzle, all the way round!
We arrived at about half past eight to find hundreds of cyclists all milling round and in the process of signing up and getting ready for the off. A quick estimate was taken and we think that there must have been well over 300 riders taking part.

Me and my hubby Kev was going to do the ride on our own but at very short notice, we were joined by my lovely friends Jane and Julie.

The total distance was to be 63 miles but having endured several hours of constant rain and wind we made a unanimous decision and included several short cuts which resulted in a total miles covered being 53 miles.

Was a really good ride but made us all realise how much more training we would have to do in order to keep up with some of the club riders which were whizzing past at a great rate of knots!

Next ‘Big Ride’ on the horizon will be the Jennings Cycle ride in hilly Cumbria with a choice of 40 or 75 mile routes!

Total distance: 52.87 mi
Average speed: 11.69 mi/h
Total Time: 06:46:57


Asda bag pack at Memorial Gardens Worksop – £170!

Me and Kev have decided that the way forward with this bag packing for charity is to concentrate on the smaller stores with a total bag packing team of 2!

We have so much help when we do the bigger stores but it means a lot of people giving up four hours of their prescious weekends so even though the larger bag packs could still happen, the smaller ones are the way to go at the moment.

We arrived at about ten-ish and worked through till two with me asking the wonderful customers to donate to these three amazing charities as they left the self service tills and Kev alternating the bag packing between two other normal tills.

The time flew and four hours and £170 later, we were done.

All the donations went to the same Women V Cancer charities but were also linked to my Ride the Night ride on 31st May.

Thank you so much to all the generous Asda customers, see you again soon. x