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Raising Funds for Breast, Ovarian and Cervical Cancers.


Thank you for visiting my fundraising site,please think about a small donation towards these wonderful charities, 50p? £1.00? £5.00? anything at all really does help, our fundraising is going extremely well but if we manage to add some online donations as well, that would be absolutely fantastic. Alison x

Our second ‘biggish’ training ride plus bag packing on Saturday!

Well, so glad that is over, I now realise I have got to get those wheels turning more, 6 weeks before the 64 mile ‘Ride the Night’ event.

Got in, ran the bath and had a cuppa so feel better now.

Just got to get my daughter (Laura) on her bike.

Also got a small Asda bag pack on Saturday so will update later on.

No pictures to go with the ride as hubby forgot it!

39.2 miles averaging just over 11 mph


Grand Total Update!! £4568

Raised £4568.86

Still got a few more bag packs to do but need to now get those pedals turning!!

Asda bag pack back in my home town of Ollerton – £257!!

Me and Kev took our bag packing duet to Asda at Ollerton.

As we got stuck in, I was surprised at how many people I knew who I hadn’t seen for ages, all the wonderful customers were really supportive and welcoming, it felt like home.

I was also surprised to see my lovely Auntie Alice doing her shopping and flirting away with Kev at the tender age of 88!

Again, the time flew and we even had a welcoming cup of tea bought to us as we continued filling the bags.

The store and the lovely customers really made the work feel effortless, thank you so much!

Next bag pack stop, yet another Asda in Worksop!

The Big Red Ride 2014

I thought I would record my latest ride which was completed in constant rain/drizzle, all the way round!
We arrived at about half past eight to find hundreds of cyclists all milling round and in the process of signing up and getting ready for the off. A quick estimate was taken and we think that there must have been well over 300 riders taking part.

Me and my hubby Kev was going to do the ride on our own but at very short notice, we were joined by my lovely friends Jane and Julie.

The total distance was to be 63 miles but having endured several hours of constant rain and wind we made a unanimous decision and included several short cuts which resulted in a total miles covered being 53 miles.

Was a really good ride but made us all realise how much more training we would have to do in order to keep up with some of the club riders which were whizzing past at a great rate of knots!

Next ‘Big Ride’ on the horizon will be the Jennings Cycle ride in hilly Cumbria with a choice of 40 or 75 mile routes!

Total distance: 52.87 mi
Average speed: 11.69 mi/h
Total Time: 06:46:57


Asda bag pack at Memorial Gardens Worksop – £170!

Me and Kev have decided that the way forward with this bag packing for charity is to concentrate on the smaller stores with a total bag packing team of 2!

We have so much help when we do the bigger stores but it means a lot of people giving up four hours of their prescious weekends so even though the larger bag packs could still happen, the smaller ones are the way to go at the moment.

We arrived at about ten-ish and worked through till two with me asking the wonderful customers to donate to these three amazing charities as they left the self service tills and Kev alternating the bag packing between two other normal tills.

The time flew and four hours and £170 later, we were done.

All the donations went to the same Women V Cancer charities but were also linked to my Ride the Night ride on 31st May.

Thank you so much to all the generous Asda customers, see you again soon. x

The start of things to come?

Managed to get out for a twenty miler, hope to keep on getting out now, most weekends, just need to plan a few longer ones and try and keep off the busier roads.
Also need to set the bike up properly, arms aching, shoulders aching and even stomach muscles aching and don’t get me on about my knee!
Probably just need the bike tweaking a little bit?

Total distance: 19.81 mi
Average speed: 12.00 mi/h
Total Time: 01:54:43

Laura’s first training ride for WVC ‘Ride the night’

We decided to go for a 12 miler for Laura’s first training stint, lost Kev with a puncture at just over 5 miles (didn’t pack a spare innertube!) but then carried on to finish the ride with the sun shining for a change.

Got to work out how my new Garmin gps computer works  but here are a few pics just copied and pasted until we can sort out the best way to use it.

The training is going ok, despite all the awful weather and managing to get several ten mile plus rides in during the week and at least one at the weekends.

Will update more when the weather is better and the training runs get extended!

Al-Lou Al Lou

Total distance: 12.3 mi
Average speed: 10.77 mi/h
Total Time: 01:23:44

Our latest updated target —— £4311.86!!!!!

Thanks to the wonderful customers of Morrison’s in Workington, our total is now an amazing £4311.86! Wow!

Raised £4311.86

Latest bag Pack at Morrison’s in Workington Cumbria

The wonderful bag packing team all met up for a quick breakie and a cuppa apart from Kate’s daughter Emma, who had pre ordered pancakes. (they looked good) We disbanded to spread ourselves along the various checkouts but things started really slowly with not enough tills open for all six of us and Kev was left twiddling his thumbs for 2o mins.

Eventually things started to liven up but even the cashiers were saying it was quieter than normal for a Saturday. Again, it was really touching to hear so many stories about how people, friends and families had been effected by one or more of the Women’s cancers that we are raising funds for.

We said a big thank you to all the team and me and Kev were soon busy bagging and counting, as it seemed so slow we had both guessed at around the £400 mark and were really surprised and chuffed with a final count of £599.42p !!!!!

A massive thank you to all the bag packing ladies and my hubby Kev as well as all the wonderful Morrison’s customers who dug deep to enable us to reach this super amount.

Latest photos to follow but forgot the camera so not as many action photos as last time.

Thanks again, everyone, amazing. x


My 30 seconds of fame, spreading the word for Women V Cancer

While driving down to London for the Cycle Cuba information day and listening to Drive Time on Radio 2 we decided to ring up for a laugh and try and get on!